An artist has no election,
He does not create because he wishes to.;
It is an inner urge that can not be suppressed.
An artist is just ment to be since that is his fate.

What kind of artist is one who can go from sculpture master pieces to a detailed goldsmith work?
What kind of artist is one who has sold more works than he exhibited?
What kind of artist is one who can paint the rawness and realityof a cutting edges sword conveying the strength and spirit of the hand that wields it?
What kind of artist is one who can insidiously distort reality thus leaving exposed the truth of his art?

It is only anecdotic to mention, at this point, that a quarter of a century before the millennium ended he was handling pencils and watercolors with unusual skill when he was only four, or that his studies at the art school Rogelio Yrurtia took him to the old Fine Arts University Prilidiano Pueyrredon where he graduated as an expert in paint and sculpture both arts he masters admirably. Since then he has been a mentor to more than 460 students for nearly 25 years in his workshops.

There is not a single day when he does not draw, paint or sculpt working inexhaustibly in what for him is a holy mission, and whose big problem is, as he admits "stop"... the overlasting imagination of his genious.